Constructed in approximately 1907 and occupied by Jewsbury and Brown: a manufacturer of mineral waters and none alcoholic cordials and also Oriental toothpaste and named after their ‘Tanzaro’ fruit squash, this beautiful building was originally up to seven storeys in height.

Tragically however, the building suffered a devastating fire in 1953 which resulted in the loss of all but three storeys and many significant architectural features such as the south-west tower and decorated gables were destroyed.

The building remained ‘capped off’ thereafter and was largely vacant until recent years when it became a head office and hub for a number of leading fashion brands. This has lead to a surge in the desirability resulting in Dickinson Waugh being approached to prepare proposals to increase commercial floor space.

The proposals add two storeys and over 3,000 sqm in additional area in the form of a modern high quality loft extension.

This project is currently live in the studio where a planning application is being prepared for submission soon.